About Us
   Brokering Domains specializes in internet development and PPC marketing. Most of our domains are privately held. However, we do have many high quality domain names available for purchase. The domains we have selected for sale are primarily those which are generic in nature and marketable, or may represent valuable long term investments*.
   We also specialize in domain acquisition and brokering services. Our commission fee is 20% of the final sale price. Please send your lists with pricing. If you currently buy domains, please join our mailing list and we will contact you when new names come to market.
   You may find that you need assistance selecting a domain name for your next project. With an understanding of the domain industry, we can lend our expertise to help brand your product or service. We are also willing to work with individuals, sponsors, or any company which may share similar interests
Please note: Do not send us trademark or pornographic names or inquire about buying such names. Since we handle a lot of domains it is possible that advertising keywords may optimize on terms which are confusingly similar in nature or reference a particular product or registered trademark. We may not have control over blocking certain keywords or controlling that which are used by advertisers within certain networks. If you feel that a legitimate mistake has been made we will address that with our sponsors or block the appropriate keywords. Please note that our main purpose is domain acqusition and development. Parking or landing pages help us determine what users are searching for. We are not a securities broker or involved in any investment activities. We cannot promise any future gains in values of any domains.
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